Snapshot: Eurovision Song Contest


Snapshot: Eurovision Song Contest

By Mitzi Beliveau

The winner of this year 2018 Eurovision Song Contest was Netta singing Toy, from Israel. In second place was Eleni Foureira, from Cypress singing Fuego. Third place was Cesar Sampson from Austria singing, Nobody But You.

I’m always excited to see who wins this great contest in Europe. It is equivalent to the Music Awards in the USA. The USA can not compete in this song contest, well because we are not Europeans! Each country picks and battles to be a part of this contest.

My top pick was Sanja Ilic & Blakanika singing Nova Deca from Siberia. This group was not even in the top ten. Maybe my taste is a bit different in music. Click on the like to listen to Nova Deca on Youtube.

Congratulations to the top winners of the Eurovision Song Contest! Did your favorite singer or group win? Let me know in the comment section of my blog. Nice comments, please.

Next years contestants will start in September of this year for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Only the best of each country is picked, will it be your favorite?

Congratulations Netta on your win!



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