Snapshot: David Burkart


David Burkart

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon, and I was eating alone at PD Pappy’s in Stillwater, MN. I walked through the back door and sat down near one of the open enclosed patio doors. As I sat down, I heard the most delightful music coming from the other side of the building.

I was amazed by this one-man band show. Very talented with the guitar and voice. David Burkart sang rock and roll with a smooth sexy soul of blues and the new Minnesota Sound that is well adapted to David. David plays his guitar as both rhythm and lead which not many artists can do.


I can see why PD Pappy’s has him sing at their place. Only the best of the best play there. I found David singing out on the front patio and wowing the crowds. I saw a few people dancing outside. David’s music is very danceable. I could also see the women falling for the smooth sexy voice. On tone and beat with each note even without a drummer.

I give five stars for danceability, five stars for voice, five stars for tempo and rhythm, and five stars for entertainment. You can find out more about David Burkart at the links below. I would recommend you see him at any place he plays at. A great singer and musician.


Facebook page

Reverbnation music


PD Pappys link


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