CD Review, Master Key by Elizabeth Lockhart, Singer

CD Review, Master Key by Elizabeth Lockhart, Singer

By Mitzi Beliveau

Not too often I hear a CD where I love all of the songs on it. One hit after another. A smooth CD filled with Celtic Music, Folk Celtic Music, and Easy Listening Music. The CD Master Key is true that, a Master with the Key of great listening pleasure.

This CD Master Key is full of perfection, emotion, and every note hit without a struggle. The music matches the Angelic voice of Elizabeth Lockhart. The music is right on time and no mistakes on the beats. I love the violin and duo song. Blending voices that are on time and notes are essential for every song. This CD does just that, perfections of music and singing.

I recommend buying this five-star CD. I know I will be listening to Master Key CD often. Clicks on the links below to find out where to buy this CD and more from Elizabeth Lockhart. Check out to see where she will be singing in the future. I’m sure Elizabeth Lockhart will be as successful as her CD.


Elizabeth Lockhart Homepage


Elizabeth Lockhart Facebook page


YouTube sample of music

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