Elijah Adam Music/The Lucky Band USA, FaceBook Live Stream

Elijah Adam Music/The Lucky Band USA, FaceBook Live Stream

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was flipping through the Facebook live music events on Saturday night, and I hit the jackpot listing to Elijah Adam Music/The Lucky Band USA. Rock and Roll music with some Blues and a bit of Country. Great smooth music with lots of energy. Great beat, right on the notes for the songs Elijah Adam sang and played. Excellent performance on the guitar.

A well-blended guitar by both Elijah Adam and Brad Owens, and they were both excellent well season musicians. Both made magic with their guitars. Brad Owens was excellent with his solo lead part. Extremally talented man on the guitar.

Best music I have heard in a while on Facebook Live Stream. All together to make great music to listen to on a Saturday night or anytime. I’ll be looking for Elijah Adam band to post some times for their band’s gigs in the future.

Excellent tone, beat, and very much perfection! Show-stopping sound with everyone’s heart pounding to great music. What an awesome thing to be alive and listing to these very talented men. Outstanding music for both listening and dancing!

I like the choices of great Rock and Roll music they chose from Rolling Stones to Prince and the generational music of several decades of music. What a blessing for me to happen upon this live stream event FB Live event #13 Elijah & Silent Brad Live at E&J’s Virtual Lounge.

You can find out more about what I heard on Saturday 06/13/2020 during the C19 era. Click on the links below to find out more information about their next gig and where they are playing. Definitely five stars performance tonight. Book them for your next event!



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