Covert Concert in The Park #6 Facebook Live Stream


Covert Concert in The Park #6 Facebook Live Stream

By Mitzi Beliveau

I had been invited to listen to the Covert Concert in The Park #6. It was a warm and humid day. With an empty area and the social distancing was at work with my three friends. Kurt Olson playing bass guitar, Tom Harkness lead guitar, and Nick Zwack on drums.

I was the only one there. I was there to listen, take pictures, and write a story, but I was very blessed and spoiled to be able to hear excellent music live. No audience allowed.

I had watched them on Facebook Live Stream for a few weeks at an undisclosed location. Beautiful music and the background of the park. It was indeed and still is a secret. A beautiful area next to a small river, a beautiful playground for children and lots of tables and built-in grills.


What more could we ask for? Beautiful music in the park. As the people walked by, you could see smiles, and a few stopped and sat and watched for a while. Whole families sat at a distance enjoying the music, the music of three very talented men whose heart is in music.

I watched as one man was walking his dogs in the park, he was dancing to the music. Let’s face it, lots of people miss our live music in Minnesota. Many of us are respectful to let the C19 run its course, and many going stir crazy. Minnesota is all about family, friendships, food, lakes, parks, and music.

As I was listening to my friends talk about what they miss the most about playing was friendships and conversations. Yes, they love music, but musicians and singers write about what they feel. So, there is an understanding about life and friendships. Tom, Kurt, and Nick have been friends for a while and are in the Minnesota Blues community. The Minnesota Blues community is small, and everyone knows everyone! A very supportive bunch of people. If someone needs help, I see a lot of people just step in without anyone asking. It just what they do.

It was not surprising to see my friends Tom, Kurt, and Nick out in nature, singing and playing Livestream on Facebook. Sharing their music with others. A little joy in the hearts of those watching during a time of need. Music is healing, and those in the music business is one of the hardest hit in 2020.


I listen to the three friends talk of hope to come and share stories about the family and the few old-timers in the Blues Community we have lost this year. Honestly, life is strange, but we are truly blessed to have these three music healers playing Covert Concerts in The Park.

You can find out more about these guys on Facebook and the different bands they play with. Click on the links.


Nick Zwack


Tom Harkness


Kurt Olson



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