Bad Girlfriends

bad girlfriends1

Bad Girlfriends

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a hot summer day but still a great day because I was going to an outside live concert. The concert was Bad Girlfriends. I have seen them several times before and I have never been disappointed. Bad Girlfriends plays and sings some of the best music around. Their music is a variety of Rock, Country Rock, and Celtic Rock.

Suzy sings, plays the keyboard and guitar. As the keyboard player, she is right on beat with melody and rhythm. She does not overpower the other instruments. Suzy also blends well with the guitar and right on with rhythm, tone, and beat. You can feel the excitement in the air when she plays. Suzy has a mighty voice but does not overpower when doing the background singing with a sweet, sassy voice.

Deb is the powerhouse lead singer. Excellent tone and a compelling angelic voice, you can feel the emotion in each song she sings. Deb has an extensive range of music notes, this also wow and amazes the fans. I love the way Deb can hold her notes for a long time. Not everyone can do that.

Laurie is the bass player and the Fiddle. Laurie is very powerful and magical in both instruments. She often wows the fans at every show. Laurie is one of the best fiddle players in the five state areas. I have heard a lot of fiddle players. Laurie is the best.

Tom is on the drums and sings. Tom is the one who keeps everyone on the beat and blends well with others when he sings. Tommy D sings solos and background. His voice is strong and firm with command and strength.  Tommy D also plucks the bass guitar with great rhythm and pizzazz!  Pete plays the guitar and sings; another well-rounded member in the band that blends well and performs well in both singing and playing the guitar.

Bad Girlfriends are in the top five of the state bands and working their way up to the top ten in the five state areas. I would advise everyone to go see them while they are still playing locally. I can see them becoming nationally known in the USA. Great job Bad Girlfriends!

I give them five stars for entertainment. I also give them five stars in rhythm, five stars in best vocals, and five stars for mixing and mingling with their fans. Tommy D takes pictures as the band sings along with knowing most of their fans. Below there are several links to learn more about the band and how you can see their next performance in your area.


Bad Girlfriend’s home page

Bad Girlfriend’s facebook page

Bad Girlfriends Youtube



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