The Del Counts

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The Del Counts

By Mitzi Beliveau

One of the rarest things you will see and hear is a band that has been going continuously for 57 years. With many hits in the 1960s, they toured all over the USA. Their music is still as spectacular as ever! The many times I have seen them over the years they are a well-blended band and very much in tune with each other like a human heart that continues to give life to the whole body.

The band The Del Counts have learned a long time ago to blend well and no egos in this band of who is better. All are friends and work well together. You might wonder how I know that. Only the best music is produced by being in harmony with each other. Everyone in this band is in tune, beat, and energy with each other. I watch as each one jokes with each other, they indeed are a family or brothers in music.

Charles, the founder of the band, sings and plays the keyboard. Charles started in the group as a young teen of 15 or 16 years old. Bobby sings and plays the bass guitar. What Bobby began playing in different bands at the age of 15. Bill plays the lead guitar, Bill has been playing the guitar since 13 playing gigs ever since. Jerry plays the drums. Jerry has been playing the drums since the age of five but doing live concerts since the age of 12. James sings and plays the keyboard in the band and has also been playing since his teens. Chico plays percussion but is not picture or playing at this event and blends well with that band. With these band member no wonder they are also known as “The Fabulous Del Counts.”

Who said dream big and your dream can come true? This band is that band, and its members have been professional musicians since they were very young. How many people can say they are living their dreams for many decades? This is one of the few bands that not only have a large following, but the start of the first song to the very last the dance floor is full! The Del Counts never lost their “Star” quality of music and energy to their fans.

del counts2

It was a Thursday night they were playing, and the place is always packed. I often go there on my off Thursday evening when I am not booked somewhere else. You would think dancers and fan would not like mid-week performances, not valid for the Del Counts fans. Their followers follow The Del Counts on any given day of the week.

Many of the band members have been inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame as the band as a whole. You can find out all about it on their webpage.

I give five stars for the blend and tones of the band. I give five stars for reaching out to fans. I give five stars for the longest running group in America. I give five stars for energy the Del Counts project within and out to their fans. You can find out more about the band by visiting their website. Once you hear them, you will know why they are still together and wowing their fans!


The Del Counts web homepage

The Del Counts old hit “Let the Good Times Roll” in record recording


More Youtube video of a live event

Del Counts facebook page

Second facebook page






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