Gloria Holtz


Gloria Holtz

By Mitzi Beliveau

Many times, I go to the Apple Valley American Legion in Apple Valley, MN for the Monday night Jam Sessions. I have learned that this is my happy place. I go there to relax and enjoy friendships. One of those friendships is with Gloria Holtz. Gloria as her friends calls her has magical talent with singing just about any song and playing the music on her guitar. Gloria’s gifts do not stop there she gives out sheets for the songs she sings to the other Jam session members.

I have never heard the same song twice. She sings and plays different songs every week. Gloria is a great musician and very talented and patience with the other musicians and singers. Gloria’s history with music starts long ago. Gloria story is that she believes she started singing and talking at the same time because her mother was a very talented violist and piano.

Gloria started to play the violin at the age of five or six from her recollection. Doing well in her violin practice she was entered into the Minneapolis Junior Symphony Orchestra. Gloria made first string and took second to the last seat in the Junior Orchestra. Being the youngest member ever at that time. Gloria also sang in her Church choir about the same time. Life was full of music then Gloria decided to live life as a typical teen at the age of 12 but missed her music and started up again at the age of 17.

Gloria decided to teach herself to play the guitar and the piano and created her first band Free Bird, then it was her second band that had more opportunities. The band was called, 4s Company, where they played at weddings, bars, company events, and even ballrooms. The second band lasted six years. The next band was Legacy for six years then in a band called Bommerang for 3 years.  Gloria loved playing the violin, guitar, and keyboard along with being one of the best female singers around.

You might ask what does Gloria do now with all that talent, Gloria now plays with Tilden Barger 2B4u along with sometimes doing a duo with Girls and Guitars along with her friend Angelia Scholze. Best of all Gloria loves to sing and share her talents with the Apple Valley American Legion in Minnesota. That is where I met Gloria, an amazing woman with many talents and love. Everyone adores her voice and music. What a gifted and talented woman who has an amazing heart. Everyone is blessed who know her and to hear her.

You can find more about Gloria Holtz by coming to the Apple Valley Legion with a link provided.


Apple Valley American Legion Post 1776 Facebook page

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