The Rock Rangers Band

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The Rock Rangers Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a Tuesday evening, and I was a bit bored. A few friends had told me about a Tuesday night dance night at the Minneapolis/Richfield American Legion Post 435. I decided to attend, and I was glad I did!

After meeting with my friends, I met up with some of the band members. All were very friendly and helpful letting me know their history and how they got together as a band. The Rock Rangers band are quite a team of talented men. Well beyond just professional band members.

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Every note was on beat. Every song ended correctly, plus they played continued music or some call it to mix continued music. It was very well done. I listen to song after song and did not hear a missed beat. This is rare in any band. My conclusions are that Rock Rangers are well seasoned professional and talented musicians and singers. I would rank them in the time 10 rock and roll bands in the mid-west.

Playing music from the baby boomer to generation X music with perfection. Great dance music and sing-a-long music. I loved some of the inter-reactions with the two guitarists. Honestly, they are friends, and they play for the love of music.

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Terry Westerman is the leader of the band. Terry, as his friends call him, is the lead singer and lead guitar player. Terry has quite a range of singing, holding the notes to perfection. A truly talented singer along with the achievement of the lead guitar. Every note was right on.

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Next was the bass player Brian Annett was right on with plucking the note and making the groove for each and every song. A solid bass player. Everyone knows, if the bass is off the band is off. Brian as the group calls him was right on and had lots of energy on stage. Well, blended singer as well as the solo parts. Brian was the youngest member of the band, but a very talented band member.

rock ranger 5


Tom Eckhoff is the drummer extraordinary and a Vet!  Kept the band on the beat and had an impressive solo part that wowed the crowd.

rock ranger6

Guest singer for the Tuesday gig was Kenny Zeliner. Kenny as his friends in the band called him sang some old tunes that the crowds loved and sang along with.

I give the drummer five stars for consistently on the beat. I give the band five stars for the remarkable consistency on being on time and song endings right on the beat. Five stars to the solo singer Terry for a strong voice and leadership. Five stars to the bass player for keeping the timing and groove in the band. Five stars for well-blended voices.


You can find out more about Rock Rangers by contacting the leader of the band Terry Westerman owner of Dunlop’s Hooligans Entertainment. or calling 621.803.1371


Minneapolis/Richfield American Legion Post 435


One thought on “The Rock Rangers Band

  1. A wonderful review. Terry and I are best friends. It’s a remarkable friendship in that I’m decades older than him. I was once a musician myself but my genre was jazz. So glad to read this.


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