True Heat Band

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True Heat Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a cool windy Saturday evening that I was invited to watch a few friends play on stage at the local VFW in Bloomington. I was in for a delightful evening of fantastic music, great dancing, and mouthwatering food. It was a hot night in the city at the Everett McClay VFW Post 1296.

I was listening to the True Heat Band. They brought the house down that night, and some people looking to them booked them for their party. Now, that is a success!

I loved the music of blues, rock and roll, and a little county. A very diverse group that plays well together. The singing was a great experience. Special guest with the band was Bill Swanson on the keyboard. Bill, as his friends call him, is the top 10 performers in the USA for keyboard and singing. I have had people all over the world ask to hear more recording and information about him.

Another special guest was a female singer Liz Pollard Seagren. A very well-seasoned blues singer. Liz sings all over the twin cities. A pleasant sound of euphoria when you hear Liz sing. I believe the Twin Cities will be seeing more of her. In her future, I see her traveling all over the USA and Europe. Yes, Liz is that good!

Another very famous guest that night on stage for a few songs and harmonica music was John McCann leader of his band The Johnny Mac Band. One of the best harmonica musicians in America and an excellent singer who mesmerized the crowd. When you have so many famous people come to watch your band, you know you have hit it big. Only the best bands get heavy hitter singers and musicians come to watch them and join them.

true heat2

JD as everyone calls him is one of the best bass guitar players in the five-state area. A staple in the True Heat Band and helps the band on the beat and help keep the grove of the music. DJ also has a great voice and sings both solo and blended. Both are done very well by JD. JD is a True Heat Band member.

Next is one of the best drummers in the nation, Nightie Martin. Everyone calls him Nightie in the music community. Nightie kept the band on the beat and did a few solo parts that wowed the crowd and me that night. Nightie is a very coveted drummer in the music world.

Steve Meyer the leader of the band and plays the lead guitar. One of the leading guitar musicians in the USA. Always packed with magical music coming from his guitars. I could sit and listen to him for hours. Steve, as his friends call him is that good. There are not many guitar players I would sit for hours to listen to. There are only about a dozen that I know of. Steve also belts out some of the best songs and people love to sing along. An adorable voice that is strong and blends well.

I found it a pleasant evening and wished that it would never end. So much talent on that stage that night. Congratulations what a great band. You can find out more about the band below and the special singer/musicians on the links below.

Five stars for a well-blended band. Five stars to the drummer who should get 10 stars! Five stars to the keyboard player for well-blended music and singing. Five stars to all the singers, Steve, Bill, Liz, JD, Nightie and John. A genuinely awesome band and evening!


Steve Meyer Facebook homepage for True Heat Band



Everett McClay VFW Facebook page


Johnny Mac Band Facebook page


Bill Swanson Facebook page


Facebook page Liz Pollard Seagren


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