Davina and The Vagabonds


Davina and The Vagabonds

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was an impressive spring evening when I was at Wilebskis Blues Saloon, and as usual, I was taking pictures. I met up with Davina of The Davina and The Vagabonds on stage and introduced myself. My goodness, I have never met someone so friendly and happy. I was able to take pictures, and I watched Davina, and her band members meet and greet everyone with smiling faces. What a warm bunch of people.

I have to say here they are also one of the top all-star Jazz band in the country. Upbeat and moving the crowds on the dance floor. Always on beat and tone. Davina does most of the singing, but others in the band sing solos and blended. All are very seasoned singers and musicians. Davina also plays the keyboard. Davina and The Vagabonds play Jazz, Blues, and a mix of everything very well.

The trombone and horn were well mixed and singers well blended. The bass player was right on the beat and made magic with each pluck that gave the groove of each song he played. The drummer tremendous and kept the whole band on the beat. No one was overpowering in the group. A very well blended band.


I love the way the band interreacted with each other on stage. The men also looked to Davina as her friends call her to give cues to each song. I loved the jazz, and blues tunes they played and the dress of back to the 40s is the bands’ trademark. The band plays a lot of their own music which is very danceable music and a joy to listen to.

Davina voice commands attention and is stable and mature. Never wavering in any note or tone. She has one of the strongest voices I have heard in decades. Stretching a note long beyond what most singers can hold. Along with singing the continuous note without faltering. This is a real talent. I was indeed in awe listening to her voice. Many of my friends that night said the same thing. It is indeed a blessing to hear Davina and The Vagabonds on stage.

I give Davina and The Vagabonds five stars for well-blended voices. Five stars for excellent music tone and blended music. Davina gets five stars for control and strength in singing.

To find out more about Davina and The Vagabonds you can click on the links below. Catch them while they are in the USA because they travel all over the world with their beautiful music. Don’t forget to buy some of their music to listen to for in-between times when you can not see them.


Facebook page






Wilebskis Blue Saloon






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