Big George Harp

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Big George Harp

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a cold spring Friday evening when a friend has a big harmonica bash going on at Wilebskis Blues Saloon for Hurricane Harold Harp Show. Hurricane Harold Facebook page.

As always, the place was packed with music goers and dancers. Some of the local show stoppers were two of my friends that I have written about before in my blog. And the third friend I will be writing about in the future.

Steve Vonderharr singing and playing the harmonica. Steve’s story!

Paul Barry singing and playing the harmonica. Paul Barry’s story!

Another friend I have not written about was Steve Clark. (I see another story in the future!) Facebook page link.  Excellent saxophone player and one of the best bands around in the Twin Cities

It was the last entertainer I was interested in, Big George Harp from San Francisco, California.

I was walking around like I usually do taking pictures and greeting people I knew when I turned around, and there was the smiling face of Big George Harp, George as his friend calls him. I found George to be warm and friendly to everyone who talked to him.

It was during the last session of the big music event that blew my mind away. Now I know why George is known as Big George Harp. The music he plays on the harp and singing blew the socks off everyone in the place! George also has a stage presence that brings the crowds into euphoria. Swaying back and forth to each note and beat.

The excellent dance music kept everyone dancing or dancing in place just watching the magic on stage. It was one of the best shows I have seen in years. A smooth, strong voice, each note to perfection and right on the beat. The harmonica was right on the beat and not choppy. A very balanced blend of music and rhythm. Indeed someone with excellent skills in the harmonica.

In the background was the Everett Smithson Band. (I have not written about them yet. Truly my lost because they have outstanding musicians and singers. I feel another story coming on!)

Big George Harp, I give five stars for a harmonica for great perfection of tone and beat. Five stars for vocal achievement each note on time and smoothness.

To find out more about Big George Harp just click on the links below. Don’t forget to buy one of Big George’s CDs. I have one and will be getting more! Love his music!


Big George Harp Facebook page

Homepage for Big George Harp

Wileblsiks Blues Saloon

Facebook page



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