The Bernard Allison Group Tour & George Moye

The Bernard Allison Group Tour & George Moye

By Mitzi Beliveau

It a cold spring morning when I am messaging my friend George Moye AKA Dr. Funk. George as his friends call him is having the time of his life touring all over Europe! I know George from my local area of Minneapolis/Saint Paul. I’ve seen George play his bass guitar with style, funk, and absolute magic. Love moves the airwaves when George plays. The whole stage lights up. George is always on beat and rhythm. George also has a newly recorded music single coming out in April, “All in the Game.”

My friend George is touring with the Bernard Allison Group and featuring Bernard Allison doing the vocals and lead guitar. For those of you who do not know Bernard, there is a Wikipedia page of information about him. Great talent runs in Bernard’s family. Bernard built on the foundation of music and expanded on his own and created great music and amaze the crowds everywhere he goes. Perfection doesn’t get any better than this!

Also, with the Bernard Allison Group Tour is lead and vocals, Mario Dawson, working magic on stage. Add these the men, Bernard, Mario, and George, and you have a hit all over the world. Which is where they have been and are going. Congratulations!

We add on the sax, percussion, to Jose James! What a blend of balance, music, and beat. Jose is keeping the band on time and into the groove.

Mario Dawson is drummer extraordinary drumming and bringing the beat to the band with style and smoothness. A good blend and not overpowering.

Last on guitar is an elegant and energetic Dylan Salfer help leading a piece of well-blended guitar music and blended music. Dylan as his friends call him helps the band blend and adds the magic of the band. Dylan is only 19 years old and called a prodigy and a new member of the band.

Some of the towns the Bernard Allison Group and my friend George have played at are Dortmund Germany, Berlin Germany, Bonn Germany, Cleon France, Pratteln Switzerland. Coming up some of the towns they are touring are Nantes France, Montelimar France, Twist Germany, Heerlen Netherland, Zaragoza Spain, Verviers Belgium, Pershore United Kingdom, Hamar Norway and many, many more towns in Europe. These towns are just the small list of places they have played their grand music at or are going to play at.

You can find out more about The Bernard Allison Group and Georg Moye at the links below for information on their tour in Europe.


George Moye facebook page

Touring dates, cities and countries website

George Moye homepage


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