Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra


Spotlight: Bambi Alexandra

By Mitzi Beliveau

One in a while in your life you hear a voice that memorizes you. That is Ms. Bambi Alexandra the very first time I hear this powerful blues voice. Every place I go and listen to Bambi as her friends and fans call her everyone is in awe of Bambi’s beautiful voice. Bambi is one of the few people that so many of my friends love from the bottom of their hearts. Everyone and I mean everyone cheers and claps after every song she sings. Bambi is that powerful and beautiful in the music she sings.

The love of music is always in the air when I hear Bambi sing. I have seen Bambi sing at Jam sessions. To my disappointment, I have always been busy with booking months in advance, and by the time I read Bambi and her band are playing somewhere, I can not get out of my commitments. I genuinely want to hear her with her group singing more than just a few songs. I know I am in heaven every time I hear her sing.

Bambi does not have a soft angelic voice but a powerful and heartfelt voice. Bambi would be the one to command the Angels above to sing with just a few notes. Yes, Bambi is that good. A once in a lifetime singer. I can see Bambi becoming an international sensation with her beautiful voice. I have heard many local musicians say, I want to play music for Bambi when she sings at Jam Sessions. Even a few musicians have said, I am not good enough to play for the famous Bambi Alexander she has the best voice I have ever heard.

Bambi is friendly with everyone she meets. A very gorgeous woman who can make everything she wears look good! With poise and command, she instructs the musicians at the Jam Session how she wants to music in tempo and beat. I see them very intently listening, not wanting to disappoint her. After all, they have the great honor of being the background music to her magical voice.

I give Bambi Alexandra five stars in performance as a singer. Five stars for command of any song she sings. Five stars in tempo and beat. Bambi is one of the top five blues singers in the Upper Midwest area in my opinion.

To find out more about Bambi Alexandra and her band click on the link below.


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