The New Feral Cats

feral cats

The New Feral Cats

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a chilly winter evening, and I decided to visit and listen to two of my friends’ band called The New Feral Cats. The minute I walked into the Manitou Grille and Event Center in White Bear Lake, Minnesota I loved the music. Very upbeat and lively; People were dancing, and having fun listening to The New Feral Cats band.

The bands’ leader and the lead singer is Sonna Olson. A big beautiful voice full of energy and belted out the notes even and smooth. Sonna as her friends calls her is an exceptional singer leading and blended. I heard a variety of music sang by Sonna, every note and beat right on, never missed anything.

Next is the drummer, Nick Zwack. I have seen Nick as he has me call him several times in the last few years at a jam session. Nick is always leading the band on the beat, very good at solo parts for the drummer. Nick is a very sought-after drummer in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area for a good reason, he is one of the top drummers in the upper mid-west area.

Ross William Perry is the lead guitarist. A very talented young man with a lot of energy and pose. Excellent music and strokes from his guitar when he plays. The guitar sings with fever and excitement always on beat, tempo, and notes!

John Garden was the bass player. I could hear each and every note. Defiantly a great bass player. John keeps the band right on key and beat. I believe John as his band members calls him one of the top ten bass players in Minnesota.

Last is another friend of mine, Mick Zampogna who is the keyboardist and also plays the accordion. My friend Mick is well known for his keyboard skill and is in the top ten of the five-state area. I am also very pleased with his accordion skills, great solos with both keyboard and accordion. On key, rhythm, tone, and beat.

I give this band five stars for upbeat and energetic music. Five stars for entertainment. Five stars for the lead singer. Five stars for a well-blended singer and solo singers. Five stars for best beat by drummer and bass player. Five stars for lead guitar. Five stars for the keyboard. Five stars for the Accordion player. I will be back to see the New Feral Cats band.

Below are the links to learn more about the band The New Feral Cats and The Manitou Grille and Event Center.



Facebook homepage for the New Feral Cats

The New Feral Cats Homepage


The Manitou Grill and Event Center homepage




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