Ted Wilebski Jr.


Ted Wilebskis Jr.

By Mitzi Beliveau

I never met Ted as many of his friend and blues community called him. I knew about his family because just about every Friday night I go to The Wilebski’s Blues Saloon that Ted started. Wilebski’s Blues Saloon is a gathering place for the Blues artist, singers, and musicians. But not to leave out the fans of the blues that come there to listen and dance.

Ted was known as a loving soul and helped everyone he touched. I was told he mixed with some well-known blues singers like Etta James. His favorite color was purple which he wore often, and he owned a guitar that was purple.

The legacy of the Blues in the Twin Cities legend will live on in people heart and minds every time they see the beautiful Wilebski’s Blues Saloon where things happen. People meet there, become famous musicians and singers there, the benefits for many Cancer victims, deaths or vet fundraising is something always going on at Wilebskis Blues Saloon. It is a family legacy of the Wilebski family, and Ted Wilebski carried on throughout his short life. Ted leaves behind a wife and children.

There will be many celebrations and tears for Ted as the days and weeks ahead come. It doesn’t make sense that a loving person who loved everyone he met, life was cut short. 11/20/2018

Below is a video of one of his lifelong friends and leader of his own band Pat McLaughlin few words on the later in the day after Ted died. This video was taken at the famous Wilebskis Blues Saloon at the Tuesday night Jam Sessions: A place was the Blues Community comes to morn and celebrate that evening. RIP Ted Wilebski Jr.



Wilebski’s Blues Saloon Facebook page






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