Snapshot: Slim Willie and The Ride Concert


Snapshot: Slim Willie and The Ride Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was the evening before Thanksgiving, and I went down to Wilebskis Blues Saloon to see Slim Wille and The Ride. I had never seen them, but a few of my friends said I should go to the concert because they were a great band. Slim Willie and The Ride members have also won awards from the Minnesota Blues Society. They are very well-earned awards. I was very impressed with the band’s performance. They sounded like well-seasoned bands that have been playing for decades.

I loved the upbeat jazz and blues style that the Slim Wille and The Ride have. I felt like I was down in Louisiana listening to the best bands of the south. On this occasion, they only had three members of their group. Slim Willie who is Bill Keyes he is the main singer and harmonica player. Sang with a strong blues and jazz sound. Right on tempo and rhythm. A fantastic voice that drew in the crowd with songs he sang. Willie, as his friends call him, is an excellent singer.

Michael King played the lead guitar and rhythm. A tremendous of blended voice and solo parts on his guitar. Right on tempo and beat. An exceptional lead guitar sound and well-blended sound and not overpowering. Michael King knows how to make his guitar sing!

Tom Kochie played both the lead guitar and rhythm. A great guitar and blended singer. It is always great to have two guitar player who can switch lead and rhythm and do it very well.

Slim Willie and The Ride only had three of their five-member band and blended well with members of another band. It takes great musicians to combine well and be successful during a concert. Slim Willie and The Ride come from the Rochester, Minnesota area but travel all over Minnesota and Wisconsin. I believe soon they will be traveling much farther. Great bands go all over the United States; I think that to be their next move with this tremendously accomplished band.

I give Slim Willie lead singer five stars a lead singer. Beautiful, strong lead vocals. Michael King gets five stars for well-blended guitar and lead. Tom Kochie receives five stars for lead and blended guitar. Five stars for a great Jazz and Blues mix band. I’ll be on the lookout for where and when they are playing so I can see them again.

You can find out more about this band and where they are playing by clicking on the links below.




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