Paul Barry and the Ace Tones Band Concert


Paul Barry and the Ace Tones Band Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was invited to watch Paul Barry and the Ace Tones Band, by Paul Barry himself. I find Paul as his friends call him a man with a great big heart. And an awesome voice. Paul also is one of the top 10 harmonica players in the upper Midwest area. I had heard Paul a few times, but this time I would be seeing him and The Ace Tones Band at Wilebskis Blues Saloon. Everyone who is anyone comes to this hot spot in the Twin Cities.

Behind the scenes, Paul helps out just about everyone he meets in one way or another. Paul is known by many in the Blues community in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and beyond. The guys in this band with Paul at events and concerts are the best of the best. Every song on the beat and very well harmonized in vocals and music.

I love the fun attitude the whole band had that night. It showed in the music they played. Upbeat, fun, Jazz, Blues with a little Rock and Roll threw in!

Max is the Saxophone player and knows how to blow up the music sound when he plays. Lots of people listen said he is one of the best sax players they have heard. I agree!

Marty was on the drums and kept the band on the beat. I could tell he was having fun and high energy the smile on his face lit up the band space! It was fun watching him and listening to a great drummer.

Next is Rocko! Excellent guitar player, he makes his guitar sing all by itself. Right on the beat and notes to every song. Playing the lead and when joined with others on stage very well blended with other guest musicians.

Paul Barry and the Ace Tones Band are very good at what they do, they play and sing fantastic music and make the crowd cheer! They are very well experienced musicians and singers. I will continue to watch this band and see them become the stars they deserve to be. Traveling all over the USA and abroad. Good job and thanks for a great entertaining time.

I give Paul Barry five stars for voice and lead singer. I give Paul Barry five stars for harmonica playing. I can tell he has been playing the harmonica a long time. I give Rocko five stars for guitar player lead and rhythm. Marty has five stars for keeping the band right on the beat with his drums. Max gets five stars for being one of the top saxophone players in the five-state area.

You can find out more about Paul Barry and the Acetones Band on the links below.


Paul Barry Homepage

Paul Barry and the Ace Tones Band Facebook


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