Snapshot: Lisa Wenger Band Concert


Snapshot: Lisa Wenger Band Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was at the yearly Minnesota Blues Society meeting and holiday party where I heard Miss Lisa Wenger sing. I had heard about her and her remarkable voice from others in the blues community. You know when someone is great when other musicians and singers say someone has great talent and a joy to listen to. They were at the famous Historic Concord Exchange Event Center in South Saint Paul, MN.

I do know why the Minnesota Blues Society choose to have Miss Lisa Wenger to sing that night. It was a special night, and they wanted the best music and entertainment for their members. They were right on with Lisa as her friends call her. Along with Lisa was her band.


I know her lead guitarist and singer Gary, who is an excellent lead guitar. I could listen for hours to him play his guitar. He was great like always! The bass guitar player was right on with the beat, smooth and didn’t miss the beat keeping the band on tempo. The drummer was excellent with high energy, smiling and keeping up the beat and everyone on the beat.

Next was the keyboard player. He did an exceptionally great job both in the blend of the music and the solo parts. A very gifted keyboard player.

Next, we have Lisa! A strong voice that is always on the beat and on tempo. Still on key for her notes. I never heard her off once. Very much a perfectionist singer. I love that she had many different kinds of music she could sing, blues, jazz, rock and roll and the mix of the Minnesota Sound. It takes a great singer to pull off an excellent performance!

Great job Lisa Wenger and band! I’ll be looking for more concerts to listen to dance to your music. I rate Lisa and band in the top 10 in the upper Midwest area. I can see this group touring to European soon that are that great!

I give Lisa five stars for the solo singer. I give Gary the lead guitar player five stars for excellent working the lead guitar. I give the drummer five stars for great tempo and beat. I give the bass player five stars for tempo and rhythm. I give the keyboard player five stars for tempo, beat, and entertainment.



Homepage Miss Lisa Wenger


Facebook page Miss Lisa Wenger


Historic Concord Exchange Event Center Facebook page


Minnesota Blues Society homepage



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