AppleValley Jam Sessions

AppleValley Jam Sessions By Mitzi Beliveau Its been a year since this jam session started at the Apple Valley, Minnesota Legion. Leading this jam session is Ace Barton with, Steve Meyer, Bill Swanson, Jim Meier, and many other very talented musicians and singers. Here are a few videos to watch on Facebook that I have … Continue reading AppleValley Jam Sessions

Snapshot: Ms. Loralea

Snapshot: Ms. Loralea By Mitzi Beliveau In the middle of the state of Minnesota, you will be able to hear some of the best bands in the small towns. The groups and individuals are not well known in the “Big City.” These small towns have some great music. I came across one very talented woman … Continue reading Snapshot: Ms. Loralea

2018 Honor Story goes to: The Minnesota Blues Society

The Minnesota Blues Society By Mitzi Beliveau I was at Wilbeski’s Blues Saloon when I met the current President of the Minnesota Blues Society. I had already met a few members a few months before that. That man was Richard Schaefer. I found Richard as everyone in the Minnesota Blues Society calls him as a … Continue reading 2018 Honor Story goes to: The Minnesota Blues Society

Spot Light: Luke LeBlanc

  Spot Light Luke LeBlanc By Mitzi Beliveau   Another talented singer and guitar player I discovered at Wilebskis Blues Saloon! Wilebskis is the place to be seen and discovered at. One of the newest talents I discover is Luke LeBlanc. Although he is accomplished at his craft of music already. He has a new … Continue reading Spot Light: Luke LeBlanc

Spot Light: Michael Hongslo

Spot Light with Michael Hongslo By Mitzi Beliveau I first met Michael Hongslo at a Wilebski’s Jam Sessions on a Tuesday evening. I was in awe with his voice and the command of the way he played the guitar. Michael, as his friends call him, was even tempo and smooth vibrations of the pure pleasure … Continue reading Spot Light: Michael Hongslo

Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events

  Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events By Mitzi Beliveau   I had the chance to meet Sean "Wailin" O'Phelan at Wilbeskis Blues Saloon in St. Paul for several Jam Session on Tuesday nights. I met this loving man with a welcoming smile and great humor. After going on stage, I heard Sean … Continue reading Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events

The Apple Jam

The Apple Jam By Mitzi Beliveau The Apple Jam is a Jam Session at the Apple Valley American Legion 1776 in Apple Valley MN. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood is a gem. The American Legion 1776 not only welcomes the vets home from the war but welcomes the area population and the music community. On … Continue reading The Apple Jam

Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 Jam Sessions

Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 Jam Session By Mitzi Beliveau Sometimes you get a perfect match of volunteers and venues that work magic. I found that with the Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 and the two afternoons a month Jam Sessions. One of the people who help this Jam Session event going is Jim Stairs … Continue reading Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 Jam Sessions