Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events


sean2Sean “Wailin” O`Phelan with Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events

By Mitzi Beliveau


I had the chance to meet Sean “Wailin” O’Phelan at Wilbeskis Blues Saloon in St. Paul for several Jam Session on Tuesday nights. I met this loving man with a welcoming smile and great humor. After going on stage, I heard Sean O’Phelan and the music that only Angels produce. The beautiful mighty vibration of love and harmony. Well blended with the other instruments. That is hard to do for some playing the Harmonica. Sean which many of his friends call him in the music world knows how to blend the harmonica with the other musicians on stage.

I watched Sean as he tries to help others in the music world. Mix and mingling giving warm welcomes. Sean also owns The Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events. This organization mix and blends with other Harmonica organizations across the globe. A well-blended love of the old time instruments the Harmonica.

Sean teaches others how to use and produce not just great music but exceptional music from the Harmonica. The Harmonica and the person must be at one. Some might think it is a natural instrument to play. You can blow into the Harmonica, but you do not have music unless you practice. If you practice with Sean, you learn to be the best.

Sean came back from Hawaii he was there for 10 years and came back to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Where he teaches Harmonica lessons with the St. Paul School of Music. He is also open for private lessons through St. Paul School of Music!

Sean hires the most accomplished instructors to teach at events around the country, in Hilo Hawaii, Chicago, Nashville and Mississippi where he had over 100 people who were in his class in May 2018. Sean’s Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events Sponsors sometimes give harmonicas and other things to give to some children who take the public courses at Events like; fairs, festivals and different township events. Sean told me about a children class that receive free lessons and free harmonicas do to the sponsors of that event. How cool is that?

Sean does a lot of volunteering to help children learn the craft of playing the Harmonica. Jam’s with many jam sessions and plays in on many of the bands in this area. Bands in the area know him and love it when he plays music with them. I find him to be a very kind man with an open and warm heart. Always helping when needed. How blessed the local area is to have this very talented and loving man.

Great job Sean! You are working wonders all over the world with the different organization who help sponsor you with moral support, money and other things. People believe in what you do, you are the best, and people help you with your business. Good luck in your business and life. I know only good things will happen. Maybe a live show about you will be next?

You can find out more about Sean “Wailin” O’Phelan in these links below.



Midwest Harmonica Workshop Events



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