Spot Light: Michael Hongslo

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Spot Light with Michael Hongslo

By Mitzi Beliveau

I first met Michael Hongslo at a Wilebski’s Jam Sessions on a Tuesday evening. I was in awe with his voice and the command of the way he played the guitar. Michael, as his friends call him, was even tempo and smooth vibrations of the pure pleasure of music.

Michael told me he started out playing the guitar about the age of 10 on an old family toy guitar. Michael learned to play the Kinks song, “You Really Got Me.” This amazing man learns to do the singing and guitar playing on his own. No teacher! Michael believes that he has natural talent. I would agree with that statement. There are no other family members that are musically inclined according to Michael. But he does play at family events!

Michael said he bought his own guitar young at age and is something he enjoys doing. You can see him performing at Wilebskis on Tuesday night Jam Sessions and at Schooners on Thursdays and Sundays. Michael would like to join a Blues Band he said that is what he is drawn to and what he does best. I do believe him. I love listing to him play and sing the Blues.

Michael also plays and sings other genres and has a job as a DJ at weddings through a local company in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Bellagala. I believe this is an extra blessing to those who pay him to be a DJ at their wedding. They are listening to a very talented singer and guitar player. Live music at a wedding. How cool is that? I don’t believe it will be too long before Michael will be playing in a Blues Band or starting his own. In my opinion, Michael is very talented and will go very far in the Blues Music Community.

Michael lives in the Minneapolis area but plays all over the metro area. It is a pleasure to watch, hear, and experience him live and in action. I give Michael five starts! You are already a star you just got discover and are on your way to stardom. Good luck!

Below are the different places to can watch Michael Hongslo.

Wilebskis Blues Saloon


Schooner Tavern


Bellagala Wedding site for DJs

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