Spot Light: Luke LeBlanc


luke 1Spot Light Luke LeBlanc

By Mitzi Beliveau


Another talented singer and guitar player I discovered at Wilebskis Blues Saloon! Wilebskis is the place to be seen and discovered at. One of the newest talents I discover is Luke LeBlanc. Although he is accomplished at his craft of music already. He has a new CD out called, “Time on My Hands.”

Luke as his friends calls him is very warm and open. I saw him quietly sitting and watching other musicians sing and play. I could see the smile and enjoyment he had with enjoying the music that evening. Luke on stage has a voice that carries steady and strong vibrations. A healing tone and peacefulness. Great feeling in each song he sings. I could close my eyes and feel the songs he sang and the music from his guitar. I felt carried away to a peaceful place with no cares in the world. What a wonderful blessing and gift Luke has.

Luke is also leading of a life of being a volunteer, giving back to the community he lives in. When Luke went to Macalester College he worked as a tutor and mentor at a middle school. Luke also volunteered at several nonprofits like Second Harvest and Fred Wells Tennis Center. Luke also volunteered at the Free Arts Minnesota in high school. Luke is defiantly a very humble man with a beautiful talent to deliver the pure joy of music.

Luke use to be called Little Diamond but now uses his own name. He has been singing since he was 11 years old. Learning to play the guitar on his own and also writes his own music. I would say he has magic talent in his blood for music. You can see Luke singing in the metro area and other areas in Minnesota. It will not be long before people from all over the USA and the world discover our secret gem of musical genius. Luke has something for everyone to listen to and dance to. I feel it is a blessing to be able to hear him sing and play. At the age of 13, Luke was the youngest to win the Zimmy’s in a competition in Hibbing, MN.

Luke has had the honor of opening for well know singers like Phil Solem of the Rembrandts, Joey Molland of the Badfinger, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils as a youth in school. (You can read about this on his page. )

I give Luke LeBlanc five starts! I have a feeling we will be seeing him soon traveling as one of the top singers from the metro area. I see him being famous as Prince was. Luke has a different style of music which is what the Twin Cities Metro is all about. The Twin Cities are trend music makers in the world. Luke LeBlanc is one of them. I recommend if you have not seen Luke LeBlanc, see him soon. He will be very famous very soon. Congratulations Luke LeBlanc!

Below are the links about Luke LeBlanc. Find out more about him and where he is playing. Don’t forget to friend him on Facebook!



Luke’s video “Time On My Hands.”


Spotify link


Cover pic of Album










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