Craig (Screamer) Powell Benefit

craig powell

Craig (Screamer) Powell

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was invited to a benefit for Craig “Screamer” Powell who suffers from Cancer. It was June 3, 2018, at the Minnesota Music Café also known as MMC. I have been at several benefits at MMC. It is a warm and friendly place. MMC is located in St. Paul, MN east side. A very diverse neighborhood with many cultures. MMC fits right in with their diversity of music and Musicians that play there.

As I walked in, I was early and met with some of the men who were setting up. It didn’t take long for the place to fill up. I am new to the music world and don’t know many of the bands. But they all seem to know each other. I could feel the love in the air. I walked up to a man and introduced myself. I saw people meeting him and hugging him. He needed assistant walking. He introduced himself as Craig Powell. I gave him a hug. Here was a man who was very sick but still show love to the many who greeted him, took pictures with him.

Craig Powell introduced me to his mother. Another sweet soul who warmly greeted me. Both are in the picture above in this article. I could see were Craig Powell got his kindness and love from, it was his mother. I was also welcomed by Craig Powell’s aunt. There was so much love and laughter at MMC that day you would not know that we were all there trying to collect money for Mr. Powell and his medical needs.

The first music was two young people just starting out in the music world. Both beautiful in their own genre of music. I was thinking how beautiful it was that the music community was to give a chance to two new people just starting out. Then the next band was The Maxx Band they wow the crowd and in-between there were announcements to bid on thing donated to the cause. There was also a 50/50 raffle of money. I put money in but told the ladies collecting the money, to keep all the money for the benefit if my number ticket won. I was not staying. Craig Powell needs the money more than I.

I have learned in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area music world take care of their own. It doesn’t matter what you sing if someone is sick, people in the music world help. No one is ever alone. A lot of love and compassion with one another. I have never seen competitions as I have seen in sports. Each singer or musician will go to other performances to cheer them on. My wish is Mr. Craig (Screamer) Powell get well and continue to wow his fans and the music community.

To find out more about Craig Powell here are links below. There is also a go fund me page if you wish to help.

Minnesota Music Cafe link


Craig Screamer Powell facebook page


Go Fund me page for Craig Powell


Youtube video

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