By Mitzi Beliveau

It is not often I hear a new and upcoming sensation but did on Sunday, June 3, 2018, while I was at a benefit at Minnesota Music Café in St. Paul, MN. The benefit was for Craig (Screamer) Powell. I saw and met with a young woman of the age 17 whose is known as NaDay.

The minute she walked on stage I knew I was going to be into a treat. NaDay walked on stage with grace, elegance, and confidence. As she began to sing an old blues song. NaDay sang only a few seconds already I could hear people behind me say, who is that girl? She has a beautiful voice! Wow! As she sang with movement and in her sultry voice people were in the flow of her voice. I could hear grones of pleasure from some of the men who were moved by the flirtatious perfection of the song.

The next song NaDay sang was her latest hit, Pretty Devil. I was waiting to hear this song live. Everyone was mesmerized by the song, her voice and the command of her body as she sang. NaDay maybe only 17, but she sings more like a seasoned master singer. Although NaDay sang only two songs, she made a significant impact on stage.

As NaDay finished, many people came up to her to congratulate her on her performance. I hope that NaDay will get a signed contract and continue in her music career. Not often do we get to hear an excellent performance from a young person. It was definitely my pleasure to hear NaDay sing.

I give NaDay five stars! If you have not heard her, she has lots of Youtube videos you can listen to of different genre of music that she sings. Her best singing in my option is her own way of singing the blues mixed with jazz and funk. Congratulations NaDay! You’re on your way to becoming a star!



Minnesota Music Café link


NaDay Youtube Pretty Devil


NaDay Facebook

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