Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 Jam Sessions


Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 Jam Session

By Mitzi Beliveau

Sometimes you get a perfect match of volunteers and venues that work magic. I found that with the Everett McClay VFW Post 1296 and the two afternoons a month Jam Sessions. One of the people who help this Jam Session event going is Jim Stairs of Squishy Mud Band.

The VFW has a first-class restaurant there with some of the best food around called Fat Lorenzo. Fresh Italian food to your taste buds at a superb price. The staff is friendly and will give great ideas of what is the best on the menu, which is; everything!

I love the painted designs on the walls behind and along the side of the stage. Bright and colorful with the meaning of culture and bold as the entertainment they have.

The Jam Sessions are different every week but have the central core of men and women who perform there. One of the performers is the manager of the VFW. To join you just sign your first name and what you instrument you play.

You will often hear a hall of fame artist joining in humbly and with the energy of lighting. I have also seen newcomers join in. All are welcome. What an excellent ideal and a very welcoming VFW to open their place to host these great musical artists. No cover charge and they have a dance floor! You can dance the afternoon away with fast pace or a slow romantic dance. They do it all there for the Jam Session.

I wish to invite people to come sees this combination of the best food and best entertainment in Bloomington, MN. This VWF has something for everyone. Excellent job everyone, I give this event five stars!

You can find more information about this event and more at this link.



Jim Stairs with Squishy Mud Band


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