The Good The Bad and the Funky Band

good bad funky2

The Good The Bad and the Funky

By Mitzi Beliveau


What do you do when you mix Funk and a hopping hot night spot in a small MN town! Excitement! One of the many times I have seen the band, The Good, The Band and The Funky were at a local hotspot in Stillwater, MN called PD Pappy’s. It sits on the St. Croix River where boats can dock near the dock beside it and the locals and people from all over Minnesota and Wisconsin visit. They are only open from May to about October but it is well known for their food and drinks. Up above is three of the ten members pictured.

The Good, The Bad and the Funky play, Rock and Roll, Blues, and Funk. They have a 10-person band with a large section of horns. This band has a sound of their own and put it to the test with well-known songs from the past. Very entertaining with everyone singing along and dancers never leaving the floor. This is one of the few bands that the main singer visits with anyone and everyone. I find that the whole band was friendly with the crowd.

The Good the Bad and the Funky have their own take on famous music using very talented musician and singers to put a funk twist to the music, mesmerizing the crowds into euphoria. The Good The Bad and the Funky have a large following from music venues to local bars, always packing them into where there is absolutely no room to dance. But everyone still moves to the beat of the music.

Great job guys! Keep on passing you your gifts to the crowds and may you have very long careers in music.

I give this band, five stars!

You can find more information about this band on their Facebook webpage.

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