The Apple Jam

apple jam

The Apple Jam

By Mitzi Beliveau

The Apple Jam is a Jam Session at the Apple Valley American Legion 1776 in Apple Valley MN. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood is a gem. The American Legion 1776 not only welcomes the vets home from the war but welcomes the area population and the music community.

On any given Monday night from 7 – 11 PM, you can come and listen to free music by the best of the best in the Minnesota Metro area. Although they have the guests from all over the USA come to jam with them. The love of this music community is contagious. I witness the musicians welcome one lady Gloria, with song Gloria before she comes up front to sing and play the guitar. Each person embraces and takes time to encourage each other before and after they play and or sings.

The jam session had a regular base of guys who start off the jam session. Lead by Ace Barton and Bill Swanson. Both men have been in the music world decades and filled many a music venue with joy and admirations.  This is not to dismiss the fantastic music by the most talented people who play just the pleasure of working together.

I love the variety of music from Country, Jazz, Blues, Soft Rock, Motown, Blue Grass and everything in between. This is the place to go to bring a date for romantic music. There is no dance floor, but the musician will welcome dancers to dance. I remember the guys moved a little to let my late Fiancé and I do a slow dance together. How awesome is that? Yes, love is in the air at this music jam.

The food is excellent and the wait staff friendly, and from the corner, I can see employees peeking and watching the musicians play. What a wonderful perk to have a job where you can hear all the best musicians and singer perform where you work!

As I left one evening after the glorious music ended the night was dark, I walk out to my car. My sunglasses were set in the handle of my car. What honest and warm people visit this place. Whoever found my expensive glasses could have kept them, or they could have left them on the ground where I surmised they fell after leaving the car. They chose to put them in a safe place where I would find them. Trusted and loving people frequent this Legion.

What a beautiful place to visit and jam! I give this Jam session and Apple Valley Legion Post 1776 five stars! Great job everyone!


You can find Apple Jam on their facebook page on this link


Apple Valley Legion post 1776 facebook page


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