Corey Stevens

corey stevens

Corey Stevens

By Mitzi Beliveau


It is always a pleasure to listen and watch Corey Stevens at Wilbeski’s Blues Saloon in St. Paul, MN. Cory writes his music and plays the lead guitar. After many albums, Corey is putting out exceptional music. Dancers come out immediately after his music starts. But by the end of the night, everyone is singing along and standing in awe of this amazing man and his talent.

Corey sound is a mix of light rock and roll with a blues twist or straight up Blues. He plays his guitar with energy and electric magnetism. His fingers glide over the strings and the strings sing a magic tune! When Corey sings and plays his guitar, it is like a duet singing, both master in the music vibe.

I find Corey a delight to talk to. He is always friendly and works the crowed when he is on break. You can always buy the latest CD at the table somewhere close to where Corey and his band are playing. I am blessed to be able to witness the warm up of Corey and his band. Where ever they go they want the fans to have the best show ever, so they make sure everything works right and sounds right.

I love to dance and listening to the magical music that brings me back to the life once lived and trusted. Corey sings music about life which we can all relate to. Singing with feeling, I felt like the songs were like telling the story healing in lives pain.

Thank you, Corey, for your gift of music. Keep sharing and loving the fans! Five Stars for a great show!


You can find out more on Corey Stevens on his official fan page. Find the latest where he will be or Corey’s newest music.


Corey Stevens Youtube



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