High & Mighty Band Update


High & Mighty Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

On a sweltering evening, my friends and I went to see a band that I have the pleasure to see again. As always, I was delighted by the magical sounds of the full band. I love the way that the horn and saxophones worked the crowds by playing in the middle of the dancers. The masses love it! What a great way to get the dancers upbeat. It helps them feel connected. High & Mighty did this a few times.


This is one of the few bands who play in the Twin Cities area who know to please the dancers and people who come to watch them. I met with some of the members of High and Mighty before they started. All were friendly and had great smiles. I could tell before, and during the show, they all loved performing with each other. They all complimented each other. One of the young lady’s singers in the High & Mighty told me it was her first night working with the group. Excellent job!


The blended voices worked the crowd with mesmerizing sounds and the audience dance from the first song till the show ended. It was a hot night where the day had reach 100 degrees, but the dancers still danced to the music. This shows that High & Mighty really are a great band.

That night High & Mighty also had a guest singer that came up for one song. Wow, someone from a band I have written about before. It is truly remarkable when groups can have comradery of fellowship to honor their fellow musicians and artist from other bands by giving them the stage.

You know you are listening to a great band when you think it is a break time for the High & Mighty and you turn around to see they have just started after a break. It was not recorded music. It was the band starting! Sound perfection in music is the reason why. I heard several people say that, that night. I guess that is why there was a packed house that night with a full dance floor.

Keep on singing and delighting the crowds High & Mighty Band.

I think I know why the band is called the High & Might Band. It is because they are High on the list of the best bands in the Metro Area and Mighty in music. Keep up the great work. I give you five stars for blended voices. Five stars for temp and tone. Five stars for great dance music.

You can find out more about the High & Mighty band on these links.



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