Altered Five Blues Band

Altered Five Blues Band

By Mitzi Beliveau


On a warm spring Friday evening I went to a local hot spot for dancing and music enjoyment. I am never disappointed when I go to Wilebski’s Blues Saloon in St, Paul, MN. This particular Friday evening I hear a magnificent blues band called Altered Five Blues Band.

I can see why the music critics call Altered Five Blues Band among the top Blues band in the Upper Midwest. Their smooth blues with a Motown mix can alter your senses with both calmness and the feel of being in love.

The lead singer has a strong powerful voice and could sing any woman into the needless bliss of love and surrender. I overheard several ladies say they fell in love with the voice and the music. This band is the go-to band for couples on a romantic date.

The lead guitarist was electrifying and powerful on the strings. Almost like the strings were dancing to the music in vibrations. The drummer didn’t miss a beat and kept the music flowing.

Every who dance started on the dance floor during the first few cords of the first song. What magical music to dance to. At the first break talking to others, everyone wanted to know where were they going to play again? I was told by the owner that he would be booking this wonderful band again. I agree I want to see this band again.

I give this band Altered Five Blues Band five stars! Great job guys. Keep up the great music.

Wilebskis website is below


Their webpage to learn more about Altered Five Blues Band is below

Youtube videos

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