Snapshot: Thursday Night Jam Sessions @ Schooners Tavern

schooners jam

Snapshot: Thursday Night Jam Sessions @ Schooners Tavern

By Mitzi Beliveau

For 2019 I have decided to expand where I go to listen to music and dance. On a winter chilly Thursday evening I went to Schooners Tavern in Minneapolis, Minnesota to a Jam Session. I have to say, I was surprised by the enormous talent I heard that night. This Jam Session is well put together, and when I arrived, I always tell people I am there and will take pictures.

I was told that “this is a small jam session.” After being there on a Thursday evening, it is not a small jam session. It is one of the best jam sessions I have heard in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Minnesota area! I felt like I was at a concert. Now I know why many of my musician friends told me I had to come here to hear the music. I am sorry I had not been here before. Outstanding performances. A well put together of old friends and new friends creating a new band like stage presence. I am amazed by how all of the musician and singers worked well together.

After starting off with the core group of musician and singers, each set was a complete turn-a-round of excellent musicians and singers. A friend I came with who is also a musician agreed with me. Some of the best music he had heard live in a long time. It was not only joined by me but by a packed Schooners Tavern with standing room only by mid-evening. There were also dancers there. You know the music is good if people come up to dance to it.

I’ll be back to hear this extraordinary musical jam session on Thursday’s night at Schooners Tavern. Come join the team and listen to the best music in the area! Great job!

Click on this link for more information about Schooners Tavern



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