The Dickerman Brothers Band, 2020

The Dickerman Brothers Band By Mitzi Beliveau The Dickerman Brothers Band is a hit were ever they go. Lots of people dancing and singing along where ever they play. The Dickerman Brothers Band play, rock, and roll, blues from the 60 – 80s. Every note from every song was right on the beat. I was … Continue reading The Dickerman Brothers Band, 2020

Spotlight: Free and Easy Band

Spotlight: Free and Easy Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a chilly winter night, and I went to Wilebskis Blues Saloon to another fantastic band! I had heard them years ago, but it was my delight to be able to listen to them again. The first song the band had the whole place Rockin! Well, … Continue reading Spotlight: Free and Easy Band

Brian Naughton Band

Brian Naughton Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a warm winter Saturday night that I finally had time to see the Brian Naughton Band. I had heard Brian as his many friends ask him to sing and play his guitar with several other bands aa a guest. It is indeed an honor to be a … Continue reading Brian Naughton Band

Johnny Rawls

Johnny Rawls By Mitzi Beliveau It was a special Friday night when I was at Wilebskis Blues Saloon in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Only the best of the best in the world come to the Hot Spot in the Twin Cities, Wilebskis Blues Saloon. I had seen Johnny Rawls on TV when I was younger and … Continue reading Johnny Rawls

The SoulMates Band

The SoulMates Band By Mitzi Beliveau I had been invited by the drummer of the SoulMates Band to come to listen to them play at Schuller Bar and Grille. I knew all the guys in the band except the keyboard player. Amazing music comes Schullers Tavern in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Not only a great place … Continue reading The SoulMates Band

Another Hit by The Rock Camp Experience

Another Hit by The Rock Camp Experience By Mitzi Beliveau It was early winter on the weekend, and I went to see another fantastic Rock Camp Experience. I was at the Dog House Bar in Maplewood, Minnesota. A great bar and restaurant with a large dance floor. The stage is set for a big band, … Continue reading Another Hit by The Rock Camp Experience

Twang Time

  Twang Time By Mitzi Beliveau It was a cold Sunday winter night when I decided to pop in again a great hot spot in North Saint Paul, Minnesota, Neumann’s Bar. Twang Times play at Neumann’s one Sunday a month.  I walked into the most beautiful Classic Old County Music I have heard in a … Continue reading Twang Time

Spotlight: The EXPRESS Band

Spotlight: The EXPRESS Band By Mitzi Beliveau It was a crisp fall evening when I met up with a few friends at Neisen’s Sports Bar & Grill. It was the first time for me to be at Neisen’s as everyone calls it to watch, listen, and dance to a new band to me called The … Continue reading Spotlight: The EXPRESS Band

2020 New Years Eve Rockin’ The Blues Music Hot Event of The New Decade

2020 New Years Eve Rockin’ The Blues Music Hot Event of The New Decade By Mitzi Beliveau The last few years I have hosted for my many groups a New Year event. This year, I was planning on attending and bringing some of my friends and family with me to an event of this decade. … Continue reading 2020 New Years Eve Rockin’ The Blues Music Hot Event of The New Decade

Spotlight: Luke Cerny

Spotlight: Luke Cerny By Mitzi Beliveau It was a Sunday afternoon at Wilebskis Blues Saloon for blues benefit (Road to Memphis) that I first heard Luke Cerny. Luke, as his friends call him, was a winner for the Wisconsin International Blues completion. I enjoyed the light mystical blues music that lit up the whole place. … Continue reading Spotlight: Luke Cerny