JF Music Productions

JF Music Productions

By Mitzi Beliveau

I meet lots of people in my very active life. One person I met owns JF Music Productions. His name is Joe Filippovich or Joe Flip for short. I first met Joe, as many of his friends call him in the music world. Singing and making oil can guitars.

The more I talked to him, the more I learned about him and his business. Not only is he a singer and maker of oil can guitars (Joes other business https://www.facebook.com/HayburnerGuitars/ ), but he has a very successful music production company. A very successful and talented man with a heart of gold. As the C19 hit the world, Joe was ready to have new and innovative ideas for himself, his business, and his community.

I watched as Joe started out as the top Facebook Live Stream artist. It was not just my opinion but the music and arts community of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul we live in. The arts community were asking Joe to speak online with Zoom with the best practices of Facebook Live Stream, an old but new way for the artist to perform. Joe is the go-to guy to know how to use Facebook Live Stream for your online event. Not only does he teach but will produce the show for you.

Joe not only does live stream for his business JF Music Productions but for clients does event planning, promoting, booking, marketing, website design, and fundraising for nonprofits. JF Music Productions also does DJ services, Live music, corporate events, private parties, and much more. Click on his homepage to find out everything they do. The list is endless!

I will be contacting JF Music Productions for my events! I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Click on the links below to find out more.







Facebook page



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