Miles Nielsen and Kelly Steward

Miles Nielsen and Kelly Steward

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a typical day, and I was switching through the pages of Facebook on a Thursday night when I found a live stream performance that blew me away. It had already started, and it was my great fortune that I found Miles Nielson and Kelly Steward singing and playing live music.

They had me at their first few notes of music and the beautiful voices. Both sang solo and duo. A wonderful blend of relaxing music of Rock and Roll, Blues, and very smooth and soothing music. Great hits one right after another. All the while doing a little teaching on how to play some of the songs they were doing.

I could tell both Miles Nielsen, and Kelly Steward are both seasoned musicians and singers. The perfect pitch and beat were well noted in their performance. Defiantly what I call a five-star performance. Way about the regular music performances you might hear at any given night at a bar or concert hall from last year.

Catch them while you can and put something in the virtual tip jar. You can find more about the duo singing on Thursday evenings on Miles Nielsen Facebook page. Maybe even check out his band and what CDs Miles Nielsen band has to offer. Click on the links below.


Miles Nielsen and Kelly Steward Fan Club page Facebook


Miles Nielsen Facebook Page


Miles Nielsen Home page

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