Tim Sigler on Facebook Live Stream @ Ziggy’s in Hudson, Wisconsin

tim s1

Tim Sigler on Facebook Live Stream @ Ziggy’s in Hudson, Wisconsin

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was almost mid-May in Hudson Wisconsin when Tim Sigler took his guitar some sound equipment and orders some food on the upper balcony of Ziggy’s in Hudson, Wisconsin. Down below you can see the St. Croix River and the parking lot. But the parking lot was a secret! Fans watching and are thrilled by the awesome country singer Tim Sigler, live! A little bit of dance was seen.

Why is this so special? Unless you have been in a coma for the last four month this is the first of its kind since the C19 shut down of everything we called normal. My friend Tim as everyone calls him was looking and found a way to play live but still stay within the law. Bless his big Country heart and beautiful Country voice!

At the forefront of everything music, Tim is a go-getter and a well-seasoned Country Singer known all over the world. With his amazing voice and guitar, he sings, Country, Blues, and some Rock and Roll. Always pleasing whoever is in ear-shot of his music.

Thanks, Tim, for paving the way for more live music outdoors. You’re a big-hearted man in the great big Northland and we love you!

To find out more about Tim Sigler click on the links below. Watch live stream, put some money in the online tip jar and buy some CDs or whatever else he sells online. Be kind and help support music.

The picture above is Tim Sigler and his band.









Ziggy’s of Hudson Wisconsin



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