Covert Concert In The Park, Live Facebook Stream Concert

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Covert Concert In The Park, Live Facebook Stream Concert

By Mitzi Beliveau

As many of you know I promote live music this is one event that is now on its fourth event/concert by three of my friends; Nick Zwack drummer, Tom Harkness lead guitar, and bass is Kurt Olson. All very talented musicians and singers.

With the stay at home order and distancing of six feet, it is hard to have a music concert. But were there is a will there is a way with my friends. That is where they decided to do the Convert Concert In The Park. It’s somewhere in America. The location is only known to a few locals, friends, family, and maybe everyone but me! I still don’t know where they are playing. There is no need for me to understand where they are playing, but knowing that this remarkable group plays music and people stop on their walks in the park and listen.

The music of this trio is magic and alluring. Rocking and Rolling the harmony in nature. With some Blues for the birds to hear. Nature misses’ humans and love music. A river nearby and what more can you ask for but music in the park!

A top-notch group of season musicians and singers will romance and give you chills as they sing all your favorite tunes. Catch them online with a Facebook live stream. Every Saturday, at least for a while.

A five-star group making five-star music! Keep on wowing the crowd with your fantastic music, my friends.


Facebook link live stream link

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