Ted Hanjnasiewicz, CD-This is What I Do

Ted Hanjnasiewicz, CD-This is What I Do

By Mitzi Beliveau 

One-word description of this CD would be; beautiful! Produced in 2019, it is my top favorite CD to listen to now! The first few notes of the first song This Town is Not For Me, I knew it would be a grand hit!

The whole CD is loaded with the best music and songs of Ted; as his friends call him. Ted told me that he chooses the songs he loved on this CD and it shows. I felt love, emotions, family, faith, and life in each song on this CD. I believe this is the best CD I have heard in decades.

Ted lives in Minnesota and sings a variety of music. The music in this CD is a mixed sound that reaches many genre and so do his gigs. Smooth and perfection. I love watching him on Facebook Live Stream. Hint: Watch an amazing man sing to your heart.

I also believe this whole CD could be the music for a Hallmark movie! I loved each and every song with the emotions in each note in each song. It was almost like your heart was alive with music and emotions. Not many singers can do that many songs in one CD that can move me that way. I have many decades of music performances for my lifetime. My arm had goosebumps with the music.

I believe that the Faith and the big heart Ted has comes out in his music and in this CD. I highly recommend if you buy any CD this year, buy this one! This is way out of my league of a five-star review. More like 10 stars!

Below are the links about Ted Hanjnasiswicz and where you can buy any of his music.




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