Jamison Murphy

Jamison Murphy

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was just another day until I heard the smooth and sexy voice of Jamison Murphy on the Facebook Live Stream. I had posted several of the live stream events on my Facebook page and meetup groups. I was disappointed with the other music I was listening to. I was looking on Facebook for good live music, and that is where I found Jamison Murphy. Jamison had me on the first few note and me hooked well. Amazing! Jamison is an old Facebook friend, wow!

Perfection in voice and a variety of vocal arrangements. A very versatile singer. Right on the beat, note, and emotions of each and every song he sang. A very long list of songs he knew and sang that night. Many people listening, requested songs from today and a few decades ago. I was astonished and delighted.

I felt like I was in a dream-state world of lovely music about romance and love. Jamison pushing the limits of his voice, a great and seasons singer can do that. Yes, I could have listened to Jamison all night long. Jamison also had a great stage present online, chatting with his fans and listeners. All the while, making people feeling welcome and feeling like old friends. Good job Jamison, not everyone can do that.

Jamison is a master on stage, commanding his audience to feel welcomed, loved as they sing and dance along to the music!

You can find out more about Jamison Murphy by clicking on the links below. Most defiantly five-star performance. Great music, great singing, right on tempo singing, and with his guitar. Great Blues, Rock and Roll, and smooth, delightful music. Buy Jamison Murphy CDs, buy some songs on iTunes.


Facebook page


Home page




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