Tom MacDonald- Coronavirus Video and Hip Hop Music

Tom MacDonald- Coronavirus Video and Hip Hop Music

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was scanning through my Facebook page, and something caught my eye. A music video called Coronavirus by Tom MacDonald. A genius with the music of Hip Hop and rock to grab your attention. A fantastic song of truth with impact. A song with feeling and honesty. Sometimes a singer and a song hit you like a ton of rocks. This song Coronavirus hits you in the face with facts.

Amazing and talented singer and songwriter. The song was produced by Tom MacDonald. Many multilabel gifts. A Hip-Hop singer, with some Rock and Roll, music writer, speaker, and very wise activist. You may ask me how I think a Hip Hop artist could be a knowledgeable inspirational activist. Sometimes when you write about your life and the world with open eyes. Your feelings and craft of music are enormous, Tom MacDonald. You tell the world like it is.

Some have called Tom MacDonald a rebel and not following the ordinary people. Tom MacDonald is on the right track of saying how things are in some of his videos I watched: Everybody Hates Me, I Don’t Care, WHITEBOY (over 10,000,000 views), and Hat Hip Hop. Amazing! Keep on speaking and singing Tom MacDonald, your words are accurate and reliable.

Very heartfelt and on the beat with the beat of Hip Hop and the music background. Very well put together. Five stars to a great singer and writer of music. Click on the links below to find out more about Tom MacDonald. I can see why Tom, as his friends call him, is at the top of the Hip Hop music charts with over a million fans following him. Excellent job Tom keeps on spreading the word of injustice, fear, and what normal is not always normal, but honestly, the lack of freedom.




Facebook page


YouTube video’s main page. Click on the link and subscribe.



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