The ZackaryZ


The ZackaryZ

By Mitzi Beliveau

James Zackary lead and rhythm guitar. Alex Zachary bass guitar. Swanee, lead and rhythm guitar, keyboard, and sax. Singers, James, Alex, and Swanee. Drums Michael Velesajuez, also known as Taco!

Fantastic music with two generations of musicians and singers in the band was amazing and refreshing. I had been invited to a birthday party at the Rosemount American Legion by the manager and the birthday person. Very danceable music. Every note right on, every note sang per-perfection—an excellent band. Definitely, The ZackaryZ fit well in my reviews of a five-star band!

As I looked around, people at the Rosemount American Legion were not only listening but enjoying the music. Singing along and smiling. Not many bands can do that. The ZackaryZ band is in the contenders for my years’ top band awards.

Powerful vocals and guitars. Father-son duo guitar is a great delight. The keyboard, guitar, and sax player are fantastic, and Swanee told me he plays a few more instruments. Amazing! A prodigy in music for sure.

The drummer and long-time friend Taco and many of his friends call him. Leads with excellent command on the drums. Did I mention that this band plays in both Minnesota and Wisconsin? Book them now at your favorite event.

With all these talented men in The ZackaryZ band, they will be a hit for years to come!

You can find out more by clicking on the links below to follow this very talented band.

Facebook pages


Rosemount American Legion

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