The Bogey’s Lounge Blues Band

The Bogey’s Lounge Blues Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

I had been at the Bogey’s Lounge many times listening to the Monday night Jam Session, but then COVID-19 hit. We all were social distancing and I missed my Monday Nights of music at Bogey’s were everyone calls the local bar in Lilydale, MN.

Near the Mississippi River and the small-town bar that is the in place to go to for drink specials and mix and mingling.

Finally, my friends told me that there was music again at Bogey’s not a Jam Session but a band with the bars name.  I went, then I went again. Amazing music from these guys. Tom Harness lead guitar and singer. Nick Zwack drums and singer. John McCann harmonica and singer. Kent Dohrity bass guitar. All have been playing for years and enjoy what they do.

Each musician and singer wows the crowd and leaves everyone feeling great. Sing along or listen to great music done right! Each musician is well known and a master at their skills, no wonder this band is a hit and all have been playing for years. This is were other musicians and singers go to listen to great music.

Now they are the House Band and they are a hit. They play every Monday night from 7 – 11 pm, but check for any changes on The Bogey’s Lounge webpage.

A great place for a cool drink and listen to great blues music and some rock and roll. Occasionally a well know singer or musician will stop in and play/sing for us at The Bogey’s Lounge.

With an amazing band and a small-town bar that feels like the life of the party, it is a win, win. The music is wonderful to listen to, perfection at its best. So come on down and I will see you there on Monday nights.

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