The Ross William Perry Band

The Ross William Perry Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

I have listened to this band many times and thought I had already written about them. To my surprise, I had not! Here is my opportunity to write about this amazing band. All three guys in this band I am friends with, two I often see at many events. I feel like my best family/group adventures are with these guys and this band—only the best of the best music.

The Ross William Perry Band is lead by Ross, what his friends call him. Yes, Ross uses his name for the band. An amazing singer and lead guitar. Never miss a beat, and a bit of romance with a shy personality thrown in. It takes a strong person to lead and plan for a band, but Ross does this well. Others in the music world locally say they wish they could play with this band; it’s full of fun and the best music around.

Next is my friend Nick Zwack extortionary excellent with the drums. drumming with an attitude to perfection. Everyone wants Nick for their band. No wonder he always keeps the beat and loves what he does; it shows! Always keeping the band on the beat.

The bass guitar is John Garden. Another multi-talented man who helps every band he can with the soul of music. He is also wanted in many bands for his on tune and perfections of bass notes and soul. Did I mention John also sings! On the side, John also plans a few events for fundraisers. A man with a big heart.

A friend of the band used a cane for walking and by the end of the night he was dancing without his cane. Extraordinarily magical music creates miracles. This band The Ross William Perry Band does it.

Of course, with all this talent, you get great performance and a delighted crowd that watches, listens, and dances to the music of The Ross William Perry Band. I recommend anytime they are performing to go see them; you will not regret it. Click on the links below to find out where they are playing. Playing the blues and rock and roll at its best.

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