The New Feral Cats at The Haunting Experience

The New Feral Cats at The Haunting Experience

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was late fall and I was at The Haunting Experience a great tradition among my friends. With haunting hayrides and a haunted house is for everyone. My favorite spot is the music they have every year. This year’s hit was, The New Feral Cats, with cheers of teens and adults who were blown away by their music. I got skivers when listening to Sonna Olson the lead singer sing. A powerful singer that can knock the sock off anyone. One group of young women bowed down to Sonna while she sang. Yes, she is that good!

John Garden bass and singer extraordinary with an amazing voice that is smooth and fine-tuned to amaze the crowd that was truly in bliss of the music performed. The soul of the band! Wowing the crowd with his voice.

Ross William Perry who is one of the best lead guitars with an amazing voice even and on tune every time. Amazing work on that guitar. A great voice that carried throughout the barn the cool fall evening.

Nick Zwack, is one of the best drummers and everyone wants him in their band, because he smoothly beats out the timing of each and every song. Never off, even when changing tempo. Truly amazing!

Mick Zampogna is the keyboard and accordion performer. Every note right on with a big smile and enjoying the crowd as he played on and on right on beat, every note perfectly. Excellent performer.

A truly gifted group of exceptional singers and musicians. I’m blessed to be their friend and to be able to listen to the magical music they perform. OMG, The best band ever! The community is blessed to have this talented group, The New Feral Cats. I will forever be in gratitude to be in the presence of The New Feral Cats.

Click on the links below to listen to their music and click on the other links to find out where they are playing.

Videos of music on Facebook

Facebook page

Home page for The New Feral Cats

The Haunting Experience

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