Video Review: The Smokin Whiskey Band

smokin w1Video Review: The Smokin Whiskey Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was on my computer and up pops a friend’s message and a video of his band. Wow, this impacted me, and I watched with the amazement of an excellent band on video, The Smokin Whiskey Band played some rock and roll and heavy metal music.

I knew the lead guitar player and singer Rick Stevens. I watched Rick as friends call him, use a guitar as well screaming machine putting out great music. Rick sang with his James Blackstad and Rick as his friends call him also sang several solos.

This one that James sent me and he sang was excellent:

Very well done, not everyone can sing this song. Most sing it flat, James was right on with each note and beat. Great job James And always a tremendous solo lead guitar by Andee Burns. Amazing lead guitar one of the best I have heard. In my top ten lead guitarists.

James Blackstad sang with energy and tempo. Bass guitar player and right on the beat is JD. I listen to every note well blended with the other guitars—Andee Burns with the rhythm guitar who also played the lead. I loved the different guitars Andee played on that night. Each with their own sound quality and well blended with the other guitars.

Last, there was Rick, the drummer. He kept the band on rhythm and did not overpower but blended very well. I enjoyed the Rock, and Roll old songs sang with power and convictions.

I give The Smokin Whiskey Band five stars for Rock and Roll energy, which is hard to match by many bands out there. I give The Smokin  Whiskey Band five stars for a well-blended tone and music with the guitars.

To find more about this great 70s genre band, click on the links below.

Facebook page


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