Video: Jordan Rabjohn and Mom, Rise Up

Video: Jordan Rabjohn and Mom, Rise Up

By Mitzi Beliveau

I was flipping through Facebook, and I saw on a friend page the duet Jordan Rabjohn and his Mother or Mom/Mum as everyone calls her. Jordan and his mother were singing on a video Rise Up by Andra Day’s award-winning song.

Both Jordan and his mom knocked it out of the ballpark singing. Jordan jokes that his mom sings better than him. Jordan’s mom has a fantastic voice and can easily outdo many of the female singers I hear in today’s music world. I don’t know Jordan’s moms’ name, but she is an instant hit with many of the duets they do on YouTube.

Jordan Rabjohn and his mother are from Sheffield, England and Jordan won on the XFactor in 2017 with his bigger than life voice and personality. As we can all see, when Jordan sings with his mom, it is easy to see where his talent for singing comes from.

My new favorite video now is Jordan Rabjohn, and his mom singing Rise up. Check out their videos for your listening pleasure and learn more about Jordan Rabjohn and his incredible voice and his mother.


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