Spotlight: Tommy Bentz Live Stream

Spotlight: Tommy Bentz Live Stream

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a strange new world without live music, but we have the next best thing, Facebook Live Stream. That is where I hear Tommy Bentz sing. Singing some of his best music for his latest CD. Along with some of the favorites songs of his many fans.

The event was called Sunday Music Brunch Show #3. Tommy, as his many friends call him, was at his business, Brickhouse Music in River Falls, Wisconsin doing the Facebook Live Stream. He sells instruments, fixes them, teaches the musical lesson, renting instruments, and much more, click on the link below to find out more information.

Tommy’s soft and smooth voice went through each song with grace and expertise. A very mature singing voice. I can see why Tommy’s band was chosen to go to the International Blues Challenge for 2020. The Tommy’s Bentz Band represented Wisconsin.

Singing, rock and roll, blues, folk music, and just about anything else that only an expert singer and performer could do. Each pluck and strum of the guitar was right on the timing and beat of the music. Tommy takes requests on the live streams shows.

I stunning sound of music. A very healing sound as Tommy plays and sings. Not many musicians and singers have those gifts. Thanks for sharing your gifts, Tommy!

I love dancing to music, along with about 30 of my friends online. Tommy Bentz has a large following in Wisconsin as well as Minnesota, my home state.

My friends said they loved listening to Tommy, and we will be back to see his Facebook Live Streams on Sundays. The next best thing to a bar or restaurant is Facebook Live Stream with Tommy Bentz.

Don’t forget to buy some of the Tommy Bentz Bands CDs. I enjoy listening to every song. I recently reviewed a new CD online 1000 reasons done by The Tommy Bentz Band. I see it being a big hit with so many amazing songs on the CD. Look on Tommy’s Facebook page to view the reviews. I recommend buying any of the Tommy Bentz Band’s CDs.

Defiantly a five star for singing, solo singing, guitar playing. A very talented man. I look forward to the Live Stream and soon live music. You can find out more about Tommy Bentz and the band Tommy Bentz Band. When things open up, go to his shop or buy online now. Small business needs your help.




Facebook page

Home page


Brickhouse Music


The International Blues Challenge website

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