Music Video: Hello (From the Inside) by Chris Mann

Music Video: Hello (From the Inside) by Chris Mann

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was another dreary day at home when I went online to my Facebook. It was week four for me with the nationwide “Stay at Home Orders.” That is when I heard the song Hello (From the Inside) by Chris Mann. I watch the video, and it seems so real of what many of us are feeling.

With real words and video of what many are experiencing. Excellent video and production. A little funny but real. A great hit for many to watch and listen to. I see this as a hit for the time; 2020 single of the year!

Facebook page video. The full video and song. Amazing! A genius to do this video, excellent job!

As for the music, Adele sang the song differently, but I like this version. A great voice and strong. Holding the notes with poise and grander. I loved the feeling in each, and every word sang. Beautifully done. Definitely a five-star actor and singer. Great job to Chris Mann!  It is my honor to write about you.

What a great time to come out with a song that everyone is feeling and experiencing. One of the best songs I have heard all year. Click on the link below to listen to this remarkable and beautiful song from Youtube.

As always, musicians and singers are at home with no money, no unemployment. How can you help? Buy some of their music CDs.

Youtube music video

Click on links below to buy CDs and find out more about Chris Mann!


Youtube page


Facebook page




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