The Jambone Band

By Mitzi Beliveau

It was a friend of mine who had invited me to watch her sing in the band Jambone. I had heard them years ago. They have had a few changes since then. A new female singer was one, my friend Ginny Davis.

Ginny said she fit right in with the “guys.” Truly she has. I see the band as a well-fit engine of nonstop amazing music. The energy of the band will keep dancers on the floor and people tapping their feet at their tables. I see people swaying to the music and singing along to the older rock and roll music and some country.

The band is what I call a “Perfect Pitch”. Perfect and in harmony singing together and the musicians are fabulous, on time on each and every song they performed. I can tell they practice together and get along. Each working together like they were all one. Plus, they are all smiles and enjoying each other on the stage.

Keeping the band on the beat was drummer Jamie Farnum. The bass guitar, the soul of the music, was played by Jerome Johnson. Last is Lead guitarist and singer, Rollie Haas.  Rollie, the leader of the band, has been in the music business a long time along with the other members of the band. Last, there is female singer Ginny Davis’s perfect harmony and solo. Jambone is an extremely talented musicians and singers.

I could tell with the perfections of the music they are going to be playing and singing for a long time. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find a jewel among the many bands I listen to. Jambone is one of them.

They are open to play at parties, business events, and fairs. Or just anything in-between. Contact them in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota area. On their webpage, you can also see where they are playing. Bring the family, your date, and your friends, and have the best day out for your music enjoyment.

Jambone has a website where you can contact them on Facebook

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