Lock up Your Sons, By Debra Lyn Neufeld

CD Review

By Mitzi Beliveau

CD, Lock up Your Sons by Debra Lyn Neufeld, Manitoba’s queen of the blues. A powerful and soulful sexy voice! Singing the blues, jazzy, soul, R&R, a bit of country, and the famous Winnipeg sound. A CD is full of exceptional music that will keep your body moving to the CD from start to finish. The best CD I have heard in all the years I have been writing music reviews.

Most artists will put in a few less listen to songs in their CD, but not Debra, as her friends call her. Each and every song is a hit. I know this CD will be listed my number one this year on my end-of-year music awards. I was wondering why it was so hard to get Lock up Your Sons CD by Debra Lyn Neufeld; now I know why. It’s an instant hit. You have a number one female singer in Winnipeg and far-reaching into America with her songs and voice!

I was lucky to get the CD from Debra herself. I was in Winnipeg, Canada, and met up with the blues queen for Manitoba. A friendly and powerful singer indeed.

The music matches her voice perfectly. Great job to the musicians and backup singers. The timing, tempo, and beat were exceptional. This CD is Perfection! Again, now I know why people are on a list to buy this CD. You can buy this CD online via Amazon, which is worth every cent you pay; get your CD from the top female singer in Canada, reaching out past the North Americas.

The CD Lock up Your Sons, by Debra Lyn Neufeld, here: (Put your name on the list)

Look to see where she is playing in Winnipeg and elsewhere. For Debra’s Facebook page link:


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